Activities of BMIRC

  • To study and analyze the relevance of scientific knowledge in Jain literature to modern science in the areas of medical sciences, meditation, astronomy, geography, physical and natural sciences, quantum theory etc.
  • To study effects of Preksha Meditation on brain, intellect and psychological functions through electrophysiological, biochemical, psychosocial and imaging investigations.
  • Research in brain and other systems of body.
  • Studies of Jain Philosophical texts and develops a better understanding about their contents.
  • Analyze the content of Agmic literature from mathematical and scientific point of view.
  • To study the contribution, transmission, influences among Indian and other civilization in reference to Jain School of Mathematics and Science.
  • To collect all the Manuscripts/Scanned Copies of Mathematics and Science written by Jain Scholars.
  • Translate and prepare critical edition of the unpublished Manuscripts.
  • To encourage undertaking studies and preparing tracts on specified mathematical and scientific topics common with other eastern and western traditions along with modern science.
  • Training in Preksha Meditation :
    • General public both at Ladnun and at peripheral centres
    • Training of instructors
  • Treatment of different diseases through Preksha Meditation & organization of camps at Ladnun and outside,
  • Organization of seminars and lectures etc.


List of Completed Research Projects:

  • Effect of Prolong Fasting on Human Health — Dr. Pratap Sanchetee
  • Effect of Preksha Meditation on Mental Health of Elderly — Dr. Pratap Sanchetee
  • History of Jain Philosophy and Philosophical Literature — Prof. Sagarmal Jain
  • (i) History of Jain Arts and Monuments; (ii) Jain Logic : A Comparative Study — Prof. Bhagchandra Jain
  • History of Apabhransh Literature — Prof. Premsuman Jain
  • Ahimsa and Peaceful Coexistence through Spiritual Practices (Psycho-biological Studies to Investigate Effects of Yoga and Preksha Dhyan on Aggressiveness and Academic Performance of School Children) — Prof. Viney Jain
  • Engaging Jainism with Modern Issues — Prof. S.R. Bhatt
  • Accomplished Research: Jain Ethics, Environment Science — Dr. Kamini Gogri
  • English Translation and Transliteration of Bhagavati Aradhana with Critical Notes — Prof. Dalpat Singh Baya
  • Bibliography of Jain Literature — Samani Agam Prajna
  • In a Globalized World Jainology Provides Inclusive & Sustainable Solution for Human Problems — Prof. L.N. Nathuramka and Ashok Bafna


List of Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Critical Interpretation of Jain Myth at Angkor Period in Present Cambodia — Dr. Sharadchandra Haribhau Tilait (Jain)
  • ‘Jainas’ Role in Origin and Subsequent Development of Number Theory — Prof. S. Panayappan