Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and Refresher Courses are the valuable assets to the academic institutions. It's a way to explore new ideas and thoughts, evaluate to the latest tools and technologies which can help to grow, meet new people and share experiences and knowledge, learn new information from the scholars, to connect with new scholars and institutions. JVBI undertakes many seminars and conferences with new emerging themes and current issues. It has undertaken hundreds of successful International/National seminars, conferences, congresses, symposiums, workshops and training programmes in India and abroad, which had made remarkable records in the history.

International/National Seminars and Workshop held in last 5 years :


  • Field Work Practicum : Challenges and Opportunity
  • Social Security of Unorganized Workers
  • Applied Philosophy and Psychology of Education
  • Opportunities and Challenges in 21st Century
  • Education : A Remedial Approach for Socio-Environmental Problems
  • Relative Economics & Technical Advancement
  • Application of Non-possession in Jainism
  • Teaching English to Socially and Culturally Marginalized Learners
  • Promotion of Para-psychological Abilities and Consciousness through Meditation
  • Janjatiya Adhikar : Darshanik Aadhar, Samasyae Evam Sambhavanae
  • Adhyapak Shiksha me Navpravrittiya
  • Acharya Tulsi ka Prachya Vidya ko Avadan
  • Contribution of Acharya Tulsi to Oriental Studies
  • Acharya Tulsi : Social Concern and World Peace
  • Sanskriti, Sanskar Evam Shiksha
  • Schools of Meditation and Indigenous Therapy System
  • Globalization and the Teaching of English
  • Modalities of Social Learning : Process and application
  • Care and Concern for the Neglected Senior Citizens
  • Human Rights in Sanskrit Literature
  • Application of Non-possession in Jainism
  • Domestic Violence and Women Victims: Policies and Practices
  • Population Education & Environment
  • Applied Education Technology



  • Career Prospective in Nonviolence, Peace and Gandhian Studies
  • A stressful Journey : From Womb to Tomb
  • Philosophical Concept in Jain Canons
  • Happy and Harmonious Family
  • Personality Development through Preksha Meditation
  • Human Development and Fostering Life Values
  • Promotion of Research and Publication in field of Jain Literature in Prakrit and Sanskrit
  • Human Rights and Duties (In Context of Indian Tradition)
  • Neo-Humanism Education
  • Happy and Harmonious society
  • Personality Development & Preksha Meditation
  • Pramukh Vidhiyo ka Anuprayog
  • Translation : Theory and Practice
  • Applied Science of Living and Education
  • Budget Analysis – Rajasthan Government
  • Translation: Theory and Practice
  • Applied Science of Living and Education
  • Shekshik Manovigyan ki Vidhiya Evam Kriyanvayan
  • Svasthya Chetna Yoga and Yuva (Sponsored by NSS Jaipur)
  • Science of Living Trainers Training Programme at Kolkata
  • Sanskrit-Prakrit ke Grantho ka Anuvad Karya : Samasyae Evam Samadhan
  • Mahilao ki Aatma Suraksha Evam Pulish ki Bhumika
  • Preksha Meditation and Yoga
  • Philosophy of Values in Rajasthani and Hindi Literature of Acharya Tulsi
  • Importance of English in Public Administrative Services
  • Advance Skill Development
  • Personality Development
  • Spoken Sanskrit
  • Human Rights
  • E-Learning
  • Nutrition and Health

And more than 30 National/State Level Training Programmes organized.