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Social Work

SW Introduction


The program of social work has been introduced to prepare a person as a social work professional by enhancing his commitment to democracy, peace, human rights, peoples empowerment, social justice, and human diversity. As part of the educational experience, the program provides students with opportunities to develop appropriate attitudes, skills and critical perspectives imbued with spirituality in providing services in the public, corporate, non-profit development sectors and civil society.

There are number of NGOs working in the region, which need trained human power. This department substantially caters to this need.

Professional social workers deal with social issues and problems and work in such areas as local self governance, rural development, development of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, welfare of the persons with disabilities (both mental & physical), women and children, care for the aged, sex and child abuse, correctional administration, public health, drug addiction, poverty and unemployment, slum improvement, conflict-resolution, family & marriage counseling, labour welfare and the like.



  • Impart education and training in professional social work in order to create qualified personnel in social welfare and allied fields through culture-sensitive, eclectic and evidence-based participatory practice;
  • Develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and values appropriate to the social work profession;
  • Promote integration of theory and practice in the fields of social welfare and social policy; and
  • Provide interdisciplinary collaboration for better understanding of human problems, systemic discrimination and marginalization, issues of social development and needed services.